Hello Moss Kitty by Makoto Azuma

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Botanic artist Makoto Azuma is on a crusade to cover everything and anything in green. Soon after covering an iconic Herman Miller chair in astroturf, Azuma has now set his sights on Japan’s favorite bobtail cat.

Collaborating with Swarovski on a month-long exhibition to raise money for disaster relief, Azuma, along with 9 other artists/designers/celebrities including Rikako Nagashima and Ai Tominaga, have designed one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty figurines to be auctioned off for charity. The exhibition is on display to the public through July 10th in Omotesando Hills. More coverage on the show here.

source: Makoto Azuma’s blog

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  1. Fascination fulfillment of my day. Absolutely love Azuma’s design and your attention to feature it here!

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