Kime by Mikiya Kobayashi

Pick Holder (2,300 yen) | click images to enlarge

Designer Mikiya Kobayashi was kind enough to send us images of kime, a new line of products that he launched over the summer. Kime (木目), which means grain or wood texture, is an appropriate name for this new line of finely crafted wooden products because that is exactly what they are all about.

Bottle Opener (2,800 yen)

Each piece was hand crafted by wood artisans in Ashikawa, Hokkaido, who have worked with the material their entire lives. Kobayashi speaks of wood as if it was a person. Every piece of wood is different from the next, without a single one having the same face, says Kobayashi in an interview. Each grain is unique, offering the user an infinite glimpse at the many expressions of wood.

Tape Measure (2,500 yen)

You can see the product lineup here and you can buy the pieces here.


  1. Actually pronounced mokume – same kanji but different.

  2. karl – it actually can be pronounced both ways. In this case the designer made a conscious decision to call it “kime.”

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