Kokedama Ice Cream Could Be Japan’s Next Big Dessert


kokedama ice, a dessert inspired by moss balls

The Raindrop Cake, a dessert based on Japanese mizu shingen mochi, is currently sweeping the Internet, and NYC’s Smorgasburg. But meanwhile, back in Japan, another dessert is creating rumblings. The “kokedama ice” was invented by pastry chefs at the Oirase Keiryu Hotel located in Northern-Japan’s Aomori prefecture. Inspired the the hotel’s natural surroundings and abundance of moss, kokedama ice was modeled after the Japanese variant of bonsai in which the plant is covered in mud, wrapped in moss (koke) and then suspended by string.

It’s made from matcha ice cream, covered with spinach powder and then served with green apple puree. The moss ball-inspired dessert will be available at the hotel this summer from June 1 – Aug 31, 2016 for 1,300 yen. But given the precedence of a cult-like kokedama craze, we wouldn’t be surprised if kokedama ice cream caught on elsewhere.

kokedama icecream resort

“Legend of the Forest” lounge where the kokedama ice will be served this summer

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