Kokuban House by Hari Architects

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I’ve always wanted an entire wall in my house to be a blackboard. And with the availability of paint that transforms any surface into a blackboard, it’s never been easier. But here is a home that was designed completely around blackboard walls. Well, that’s not entirely true. Even with a name like Kokuban (blackboard) House, there’s a lot going, like the multiple boxes that dictate various functions, the fun tunnel-like doorway and the use of different types of facades – both indoors and out – that smudge the clear boundaries between inside and outside.

But, at its essence, the architecture, which is the work of Tokushima-based Hari Architects, is about creating a fun space for a family to enjoy their precious time together. For more inspiration on blackboard walls in your home, check out these awesome posts.

source: designboom | hari architects


  1. Wonderful. It would be really nice to structure your environment to encourage this kind of play.

    (The links to the other blackboard walls are broken by the way…)

  2. @Bodhi thanks! (the links are fixed)

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