torafu-kololo-wagon (1)photos by Akihiro Ito, Styling by Fumiko Sakuhara, courtesy Torafu

torafu-kololo-wagon (2)

We live in complicated times. Not only do we have more gizmos and gadgets than ever, we’re also inundated with a vast range of products and tools to help us get organized. The whole thing can be dizzying. Well why not let your kids get a handle on things early with the koloro-wagon.

Inspired by the concept of “storable furniture,” the mobile wagon lets kids store all their toys in one place. The mobility gives them the freedom to roll it around while the 3 stacking shelves lets them unhook certain parts and relocate to other parts of the room. It teaches organization but also mechanics and engineering. It can even be shared amongst the family with shelving for each member!

Designed by Torafu Architects, the koloro-wagon is the 3rd in a series designed for furniture manufacturer Ichiro.


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