an edible rock and mineral specimen meal that was offered last year

Usaginonedoko is a Kyoto shop, café and lodge whose purpose is to convey the sculptural beauty of mother nature. Their shop is like a little museum where you’ll find natural artifacts and specimens scattered among their signature sola cubes of plants and minerals encapsulated in resin.

inside the usaginonedoko cafe

Next door in their café they share an equal attraction to nature, and offer a continuously rotating seasonal menu inspired often by rocks, minerals and other objects of nature that have occupied this planet far longer than we have. Their limited specials are particularly playful and seem almost too beautiful to eat.

the “Meteorite Curry” is a black rice and curry inspired by Tektite, natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts.

“kantenseki” was a wagashi take on crystals that was served in 2016 (no longer available)

the rock & mineral specimens meal that is currently being served

Right now the café is offering edible rock & mineral specimens that include pork stone, cavansite, jade and amethyst. But the meals are only offered for 2-3 day durations at the end of each month and must be reserved in advance. There’s also a 15 person limit for each day. In addition, an upcoming exhibition at the shop takes an opposite approach and will be showcasing stones from around the world that look delicious but are not edible.

an upcoming exhibition will showcase delicious looking real stones

If you decide to go, know that the cafe’s menu is constantly rotating and items you see here might not be available. Even if you can’t make it to their shop in Kyoto you can still enjoy some of their objects of nature encapsulated in resin.

the Usaginonedoko shop in Kyoto