Landscapes and Cityscapes Rendered as Musical Notes by Koshi Kawachi


If landscapes were rendered as musical notes, what would they sound like? That, essentially, was the idea behind “Note Drawing,” Koshi Kawachi’s latest project. The Japanese artist, who is known previously for his snack food art, decided to trace the silhouettes of his environment. He started by tracing the ridge lines of mountains and cityscapes, taking each point and replacing it with an appropriate musical note.


the skyline of Sapporo, rendered as musical notes

For a recent exhibition at the 500m Museum in Sapporo (Hokkaido), Kawachi traced the skyline as seen from the Sapporo JR Tower. The ridge lines were replaced by notes and the resulting musical score was then played on a Tonkori, a plucked string instrument that was indigenous to the Ainu people of Hokkaido. Have a listen below. It makes you wonder what the skyline of other cities or regions might sound like.




Shinjuku, rendered in musical notes


The Bavarian Alps, rendered in musical notes


  1. Enjoy, fantastic notes, just sooth . thanks!

  2. Visual artists should really do their research before embarking on this sort of thing. Perhaps talk to a musician? Listen to the result? Consider what musical notation represents? They do none of this, obviously, and the result is embarrassing as a result.

  3. This would be good to put into Dream Sequencer- and as an arpeggiator

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