It’s common in origami for the folding paper to have traditional Japanese patterns printed on them. But when they’re carved in with a laser-cutter, it adds a whole new dynamic to paper cranes, or any other creation you’re looking to fold.

Origami has been around for centuries. And while relatively newer, laser cutters aren’t exactly cutting-edge technology either. So Japanese product design firm Backstreet Factory probably weren’t the first ones to come up with the idea to combine the two. But they are the first to figure out how to produce laser-cut origami at a reasonable cost, and bring it to market at a price that actually makes sense.

Although drastically more expensive than regular origami, “Chiyokirigami” offers a fun, challenging and beautiful alternative for those who want to take their paper-folding craft to the next level. A set of 3 laser-cut pieces of paper cost 972 yen and are available in 9 different varieties of Japanese traditional motifs from the wave-inspired seigaiha to the tortoise shell-inspired kikkou.