Adorable Takeout Space Added to Restaurant in Wakayama

all photos by Hirobumi Imanishi

Latelier Natural is a French restaurant in the Arida district of Japan’s Wakayama prefecture, situated near Wakayama Bay. Behind the small restaurant was a parking space just large enough for 2-3 cars. As if anticipating the pandemic and social-distancing response, in 2019 the restaurant decided to expand by converting their parking lot into a tiny yet adorable takeout counter.

Designed by local architect Yusuke Shioji, the new takeout counter allows for the natural flow of customers by removing obstacles under a triangular roof that’s supported at a single point. A small circle cut into the roof allows for a tree, as well as all other pre-exisiting shrubs, to grow freely.

A transparent, folding door delineates the restaurant from the outdoors and allows staff to interact with customers without actual sit-down space. If you happen to be in the area, here is the exact location of the restaurant. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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  1. beautiful.. design so simple but, aesthetic.. well donee

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