Leaf Letter by Eding:Post

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Graphic design studio Eding:Post has announced that Leaf Letter, a joint-project between themselves and Neo Green, a retailer of planters, books and other green paraphernalia, has gone on sale as of March 1, 2011.

We actually featured the work back in April 2010 when it was in the form of a simple client project: business cards and stationary for Neo Green. However, the client must have been so pleased with the work that they decided to commercialize the design, thereby creating these series of stationary in the shape of leaves. After debuting at DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2010, the products have now made their way to the mass market.

The Japanese word for postcard is hagaki (葉書), literally leaf writing, and is an etymological manifestation that invokes glimpses of times now past when messages where exchanged using leaves. Leaf Letter is a reminder, and in some ways an encouragement, to rekindle this form of communication that is quickly becoming history.

There are currently 6 different species of leaves for purchase. Each pack comes with 5 leaves and retails for 1,680 yen. You can request to purchase it from White Rabbit Express




  1. How on earth do I get hold of these in the UK?

  2. Johnny

    March 29, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    @amy – I’ve added a link above to White Rabbit Express, who can help you with your order.

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