Art Direction for Sumidaya Rice by Eding:Post

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What a great campaign for rice, the quintessential staple of the Japanese diet. With over a 100-year history, the Tokyo-based rice merchant Sumidaya recently underwent a major facelift with art direction courtesy of Eding:Post. The minimal design manages to capture the essence of rice, a symbol of purity, that also plays a major (yet subdued) role on the dining table.

One important characteristic of Sumidaya rice is that each year, depending on the type of crop that is produced, a specific blend is created that best emphasizes the distinct tones of the rice that was harvested. The new rice goes on sale March 2012.

Sumidaya Rice by EdingPost (3)

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Sumidaya Rice by EdingPost (5) Sumidaya Rice by EdingPost   Sumidaya Rice by EdingPost (6)

Source: Eding:Post


  1. Love the minimalistic and pure approach to the packaging design. I like that this feel and look also is visible on their website.

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