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Japanese certainly isn’t an easy language to master. It requires a lot of dedication and memorization. One proven method is immersion: surrounding yourself in the language so that your mind has no other choice but to begin picking up words. Now, one place you can start is with your Instagram stream.

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Nihongo Flashcards is an Instagram account featuring visually fun illustrations of Japanese words, accompanied by the Japanese characters and the English pronunciations. The account is very well-managed and features themes that often coordinate with the seasons. So right now, because it’s summer, there have been a lot of omatsuri (festival) themed flashcards.

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The account was started by Hiroshima-based design duo Pompette. “We started this project to create a visually fun learning tool for anybody learning Japanese or interested in Japan,” they told us, going on to say that it’s also “a tool for Japanese people introducing Japanese foods and culture in English.”

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Hiroko Kuwada is the whimsical illustrator while her partner, Yuko Watatani, describes her role as “the critical thinker, designer and dreamer.” Watatani uses her U.S.-upbringing to ensure that the English translations are accurate.

And for those who need a bit more than just the word, the Instagram account offers a bit more facts about the word!

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  1. It’s all food.

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