Our Favorite Japan-Related Instagram Accounts to Follow


These days I find myself clicking on link after link and # after# on Instagram, losing complete track of time. So here are few interesting and breathtaking accounts to follow or just brows through – of course all Japanese/Japan related.

@terajiro – Kazumi, Gunma

She runs a website dedicated to her work with [coincidentally] spoons, spoonship.com.


@10_ya – Tomoyasu Koyanagi, Tokyo

Gorgeous scenes of Japan’s landscape@10_ya


Mamo’s signature is the “mom” bicycle.


@kohji405mi16 – Kohji Matsubayashi, Tokyo

Daily life often centered around his daughter.


@airnude– Azuma Suguru

His photography site, air-nude.com


@hirozzzz – Hiroaki Fukuda, Tokyo

His Instagram photos are done 99.9%  on iPhone.



Curator of fashion from Harajuku, Shibuya & other areas of Tokyo.


Have an Instagram account you recommend? Tell us in the comments.


  1. I’d also add @tukanana to the list if you’re in Tokyo. He visits many cafés and takes photos of the coffee and food. Good for finding hidden cafés you didn’t know existed!

  2. I recommend an account called telerouge. She always posts quirky pictures of Japanese landscapes, people and unexpected thing. She travels in Japan so you can see many prefectures beauty.

  3. Find @thatlookslikeadick it’s hilarious.

  4. @vja model and coffee blogger. i will go to his recommend cafe each time.

  5. @hamadahideaki puts really nice photographs of everyday life and also his kids.@kima shares japanese breakfasts which are really delicate and various in kind.

  6. japanese family that fosters kittens, contender for cutest IG ever: http://instagram.com/shimejiwasabi

  7. Also see @kagephoto based in Hokkaido

  8. I really enjoy @yukomouton’s photos of Japanese architecture!

  9. @kokochiyoi, @tofugu, @davidjamjam, @timeouttokyo
    these are some great ones! 😀

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