Lessons in Creative Japanese Type Layout

I recently stumbled upon an organization called Lesson (the URL is correct; as of now it just doesn’t seem to be working). Based in Kobe, it’s a small bi-monthly lecture series on art and design. For a fee of 5000 yen you can participate in an intimate discussion on varying topics related to art and design. The last “lesson,” held back in December, was on modern typography. Before that, fashion: Paul Poiret vs Chanel.

Anyway, I can’t speak for the lecture series themselves as I’ve never attended, but the summary reports created by designer Atsushi Suzuki are simply spectacular. If, for nothing else, they are in themselves a lesson on gorgeous Japanese type layout. I want to attend just to receive my very own copy!


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  1. I find this quite fascinating, its really interesting to see what can be done.

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