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A 100-year old tradition is interwoven with contemporary design to create this exquisite line of lighting called suzusan. It was started by Hiroyuki Murase, a graduate of the prestigious Kunstakademie Duesseldorf who, after refining his design skills in an academic setting, returned home to fuse innovation into a tradition his family has carried with them for over a century.

The tradition is known as shibori – literally, to wring, squeeze and press – and is a 400-year old technique in itself to refine fabric through a process that embodies it’s own name; wringing, squeezing and pressing. The results are quite spectacular, giving birth to incredibly tactile and unique textures.

They remind me a lot of this washi paper clothing. I think my favorite are the shizuku (drip) pendant lamps pictured directly below. So gorgeous!

Murase recently exhibited suzusan at maison et objet 2012 earlier this year. You can see the complete line-up on their website.

source: designboom | suzusan