Japanese interior design firm IDEE has begun a new project called Life In Art. Similar to affordable art retailer 20×200 (which now seems to be defunct), Life In Art presents a refined selection of artists selling affordable prints, albeit at a slightly higher price point compared to 20×200. But it’s certainly nice to see affordable art gaining some attention in Japan, where there is very little history and culture of displaying art in one’s home.

Here are a few artists and their work that caught my eye.

Yu Nagaba

Illustrator and designer Yu Nagaba is known as the father of the kaeru-sensei character. He’s been active in a wide range of activities, creating comics, products and installations. His panda prints range from between 10,000 -21,000 yen.




mochi mochi

The Mochizuki sisters, Sachiko and Junko, together are mochi mochi. Their silkscreen prints, which they began making right after art school, quickly became popular. Prints range from between 29,400 – 87,150 yen.



Baku Maeda

Aside from having one of the best mustaches in Japan, Baku Maeda is also an amazing illustrator and the man behind ribbonesia. His quirky prints are 26,250 yen.