Link Roundup of April Fools Internet Pranks in Japan | 2013

While you were asleep, Japan was busy posting various internet pranks on the Internet. Japan’s new-found holiday seems to get more and more popular each year. There were simply too many to post so here is a small selection of some of my favorites.

If you’re interested, you can check out what kind of lies Japan came up with last year.

April Fools 2013 (1)

April Fools 2013 (2)
Cell phone provider AU launched a phone bed stating, “since people only use their smartphones in bed, why not turn the bed into a smartphone?” You can sleep with your favorite anime character, use it as a head-pounding alarm clock, or even jog on it while scrolling through webpages.


April Fools 2013 (3)

iKA, the new e-reader from major publishing house Kodansha

April Fools 2013 (4)

SanktGallen Brewery is selling a dark beer made from elephant poop or, “Black Ivory.”

April Fools 2013 (5)

Google Japan unveiled a revolutionary new way to type Japanese using only the spacebar. It’s incredibly annoying and time-consuming.

April Fools 2013 (6)

Canned pizza anyone? Only from Domino Pizza.

April Fools 2013 (7)

Mixi, Japan’s home-grown SNS, has launched a new “like” button that is compatible in all different dialects.

April fools 062

If you’ll recall, earlier this year a team of researchers from the U.K. and Japan captured footage of a 10-ft long giant squid. In other news, an udon noodle shop in Gifu is advertising giant squid tempura. Just 87,000 yen!

April Fools 2013 (8)

Hirotada Ototake, the famous writer born without arms and legs, tweets “I grew arms and legs.”

April Fools 2013 (9)

The official crime task force in Japan tweeted to remind us that “A liar is the beginning of a thief.” But then they also said that on some occasions it can be forgiven.

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