Ashamed of being seen with a selfie stick, this Japanese engineer created selfie arms

selfie arms 1

photos courtesy omocoro

Selfie sticks have quickly become the must-have accessory for tourists. They’re everywhere now: often obnoxious, sometimes dangerous. Japan has even taken measures to ban selfie sticks in certain areas. But for one Japanese enthusiast it was embarrassment and self-consciousness that kept him from using a selfie stick.

So he did what any self-respecting creator/engineer would do. He made selfie arms.

selfie arms 2

taking a selfie with his selfie arm

The engineer, who goes by the name mansoon, bought fake hands from amazon and connected them to a selfie stick. He then sewed together a tailored shirt to accommodate his new selfie arms. You can read the tongue-in-cheek documentation over on omocoro, where he admits that his new selfie arms drew more attention to him than regular selfie sticks.

Mansoon also has a website where he documents his other quirky creations including a real-life Windows 95 recycle bin, an eraser that rolls of a table by itself and a device that automatically tests the fluffiness of steamed bread.

selfie arms 3

this is how the selfie came out


  1. Ashamed of being seen with a selfie stick?
    Well, don’t get a selfie stick… (I will shame you if I find you with a selfie stick).

  2. let me live my life, david

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