New Louis Vuitton in Osaka Pays Homage to City’s Port History With Billowing Facade

On February 1, 2020, Louis Vuitton will open their new Osaka Midosuji store. Although not necessarily a flagship, the new location, designed by Jun Aoki, is Japan’s largest and features a façade reminiscent of a ship’s mast and sails billowing in the wind. The elegant and intriguing design is inspired by Osaka’s history as a port town.  Indeed, during the 1600s, shipping agents were established in Osaka and distinctive cargo vessels known as higaki-kaisen transported sake, along with other goods to current-day Tokyo.  

Architect Jun Aoki has been responsible for almost all of the luxury retailer’s Japan locations, as well as several international locations like New York and Hong Kong. Inside the Osaka Location’s dramatic façade, the building is comprised of 7 floors, the first 4 of which are designed by the NY-based interior designer Peter Marino. Above that, the Osaka Louis Vuitton will house their first ever café & restaurant, produced by renowned chef Yosuke Suga.   

It’s a beautiful  building that not only pays homage to Osaka’s history, but also references the Louis Vuitton Foundation in France, designed by architect Frank Gehry.

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    February 8, 2020 at 9:41 am

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