Little White Lies, a UK-based blog and bimonthly magazine dedicated to cinema, has designed their own special edition print to help raise money for the Japan relief efforts. Sticking to what they know best, LWLies creative director Paul Willoughby illustrated and designed the print featuring characters from 21 iconic Japanese films.

From Yasujirô Ozu’s classic Tokyo Story to several decades spanning J-Horror hits such as RinguAudition and House, right through to the stars of Studio Ghibli in Spirited Away and other anime gems like Perfect Blue, the print has been designed to capture the beauty and creativity in Japanese film.

Although the beautiful print is already sold out, we can still participate in our own little guessing game. Cane you name all 21 films? Scroll down to the bottom of their post for the answers!

Update: Due to overwhelming demand they are making available another 50 prints as a second edition.