Blind is a short film by Yukihiro Shoda and Jamie Holland, set in post-nuclear Tokyo. Clocking in at just under 4-minutes (minus the credits), the film captures the slightly surreal morning commute of a salaryman. For all its visual power, Blind is most haunting in that the film primarily remains within the realm of reality. It is not too hard to imagine a future Tokyo in which schoolgirls custom-pimp their gas masks amidst a highly abnormal situation  that has quickly become the new normal.

All the footage was shot ahead of time but the post-production was funded through a kickstarter campaign. Watching the film I was also reminded of a recently-conducted chilling interview with ex-Prime Minister Kan in which he talks about early images he had of an empty Tokyo – a devastating nightmare whose reality hinged on TEPCO’s ability to cool their nuclear reactor.

(fun fact from the interview: those blinged-out gas masks, designed by make-up artist Mio Shoji, were the most expensive part of the production)

Source: twitter | TimeOut Tokyo