Maach Ecute | a renovated 100-year old train station reopens for business

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In 1912 the Manseibashi Station began operating as the last station on the Kobu Railways (now Chuo line). The station served as the lifeblood of the Kanda district in Tokyo but by the late 1920s it had begun to lose relevance as neighboring stations grew and developed. In 1943 it officially ceased operating and was converted into a transportation museum.

In its latest incarnation, the viaduct, located between Ochanomizu and Kanda stations, has reopened as Maach Ecute, a multi-purpose facility with restaurants, cafés, and retailers. Architectural studio Mikan has done an amazing job preserving much of the original structure; the red-brick arches, stairs and facades all remain intact.

Obscura Coffee Roasters

This new coffee shop represents the 2nd location for Obscura, known for their quality beans and own offsite roasting facility and lab. They sell coffee beans too, as well as home-made chocolate bars.

maach ecute-obscura

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This trendy offers an impeccable selection of furniture and designy products, as well as a cafe.

maach ecute-haluta


A casual restaurant offering offering comfort food cooked up from fresh ingredients directly from their home in Yamagata prefecture.



This gallery and shop uses state-of-the-art technology to offer historical guides of Manseibashi Station. There are also plenty of magazines and souvenirs to pique your interest.

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maach ecute-library

Le Petit Kanda

If you’re hungry you’ll want to make a stop at Le Petit Kanda. The restaurant, which is actually run by a graphic design company, offers a unique Japanese-French fusion menu. Ever had French onabe? Me neither!

maach ecute-le-petit-kanda

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This cafe and sake bar sits atop the old station platform. In the evening you can enjoy Japanese sake paired with seasonal dishes while watching the trains speed by.

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maach ecute-n3331 maach ecute-n3331 3

Vinosity Domi

Thirsty? Pick up a bottle of wine on your way home. At vinosity you’ll find a respectable collection of wines from Japan, Europe and South America.

maach ecute-vinosity 2 maach ecute-vinosity


  1. I’m always envious of the train stations in Japan, even the small local ones. They seem like the most ideal social meeting points instead of a ends to a mean.

  2. Can’t wait. Will definitely check it out over New Year’s. Looks divine. Thank you Spoon and Tamago.

  3. What a great project. Giving new life to a historically valuable building. If only I was in Japan…

  4. The cafe ON the platform looks incredible! I can’t wait to try it out!

  5. Nice review, but Le Petit Kanda is closed.
    It seems World B’bfast all day is coming.
    ル・プチ神田をご愛顧いただきありがとうございます。ル・プチ神田は2014年7月31日(木)をもって閉店する運びとなりました。これまでのご愛顧に心から感謝申し上げます。なお、系列店となる外苑前「WORLD BREAKFAST ALLDAY」は今後も引き続き営業してまいりますので、そちらでまた皆様とお会いできるのをスタッフ一同楽しみにしております。

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