Matter in the Floating World

Blaine Brownell, an architect and material expert, has recently put together a book featuring 20 of Japans leading architects and designers called “Matter in the Floating World.”

The book features works and interviews of : Hitoshi Abe · Tadao Ando · Jun Aoki · Masayo Ave · Shigeru Ban · Shuhei Endo · Terunobu Fujimori · Kenya Hara · Eriko Horiki · Sachiko Kodama · Kengo Kuma · Toyo Ito · Oki Sato · Kazuyo Sejima · Reiko Sudo · Takaharu Tezuka · Akira Wakita · Makoto Sei Watanabe · Yasuhiro Yamashita · Tokujin Yoshioka

Matter in the Floating World

Japan contains a higher number of internationally significant architects and designers relative to its geographic size than anywhere else in the world. Japanese designers regularly implement radical experiments in new materials and building systems that successfully address imminent energy and resource challenges. These technological achievements are combined with an acute awareness of the impermanence of existence, creating a rich dialogue between the concrete and the abstract.
– Blaine Brownell

Matter in the Floating World

Matter in the Floating World

[photos courtesy arch daily]

also visit Matter in the Floating World Website
© TransstudioPrinceton Architectural Press
Pages: 256 | ISBN-10: 1568989962

The book is available at Amazon

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  1. Looks a lovely book. We here in Dundee are all very excited that Kengo Kuma will be building a museum for us – he’s giving a public lecture on the 21st of May which I am really looking forward to!

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