Art student Maho Takahashi has created an intriguing series of sculptures. Simply titled “Lines” the minimal, geometric sculptures utilize only 2 materials: paper and mechanical pencil lead.

Representations of objects like a milk carton and an origami crane, as well as simpler geometric shapes, rise up from the paper. But as your eye follows the sculptures down to the base you realize that the 3-dimensional lead morphs into 2-demensional lines drawn on paper. It’s a curious intersection between flat planes and spaces that makes us question the dimensions it occupies.

On a simpler level, the sculptures are beautiful silhouettes made only more intriguing by the fact that tiny holes were carved into the lead to create joints that hold the sculptures together without adhesive. Really impressive work from Maho Takahashi, who is graduating from the Musashino Art University.

Each year, around this time, we like to review the many senior thesis exhibitions going on at art school in Japan and feature exceptional student work. You can see past student work here.