Late last month when I tweeted about Hiroshi Nakamura’s latest work, Midori Museum & Café, I didn’t think my wish for more images would come true so quickly. Yet indeed, photos are beginning to roll in from the open house, which is going on through the entire month of November. These images are all courtesy of madori brog (sic?).

Located in Tochigi prefecture, Midori Museum and Cafe is the latest work of NAP Architects, led by Hiroshi Nakamura. The architects originally captured our attention with their Dancing Trees, Singing Birds, and then their subsequent work, House C (or Garden on a Roof).

The new museum looks like several pitched tents.

I absolutely love these slots in the wall that are used for bookshelves. Something about the permanency of it all, and how it’s part of the architecture, really turns me on. Reminds me of these built-in book-ends.