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At this year’s Milano Salone del Mobile, which is being held all through this week, Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has installed what they call “total solutions for creating, storing, saving and managing energy.” They appropriately tapped the talents of architect Akihisa Hirata (previously), who is known to derive inspiration from nature in its organic essence. Hirata’s organic vision – and in turn the resulting installation – of living, breathing architecture reflects the open yet interdependent symbiotic cycles in nature.

Images courtesy Nacasa & Partners and Takumi Ota. Click to enlarge

The installation is a microcosm of the energy cycle, starting with energy creation (through tree-like solar panels), and continuing to energy storage (through storage batteries) and energy saving (through LED and organic LED lights). It’s on display at INTERNI LEGACY, University of Milan.

Here is what Hirata had to say about his piece:

Based on the dynamic of photosynthesis, I envisioned the leaves, fruit and flowers of a tree linking the entire corridor space in a cyclical network of creating, storing and saving energy. A new image of human endeavor open to the limitless energy of the sun, to the energy channels we have built and to the cycles of the biosphere. I wanted to shape a new interpretation of nature at this historic juncture.

UPDATE [4.23.2012] Akihisa Hirata’s installation has won a 2012  Elita Design Award in Milan.

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Source: @MR_DESIGN_twit | Panasonic