Milano Salone 2012: Canon Neoreal – In The Forest

Each year at Milano Salone Canon flexes its digital imaging muscles and puts on an impressive show titled Neoreal. For their 5th year running, they’ve enlisted architect Ryuji Nakamura, fashion design studio Mintdesigns and imaging artist Nobuhiro Shimura to create a deep, magical forest that juxtaposes the static and dynamic elements one might find lurking in the lush greenery that is so instrumental to sustaining life. Milan-based designer Hikaru Mori, who was in charge of the overall exhibition design, helped pull everything together.

Spring (Ryuji Nakamura, Nobuhiro Shimura)

The first work consists of a structure comprising latticed piano wire. Mystical images depicting the life-force that inhabits the forest are projected onto the structure, evoking the morning dew in a forest.

Fall in Pop (mintdesigns, Nobuhiro Shimura)

The second work comprises a screen structure created by pleated cloth folded in multiple overlapping layers, on which a cascade of colors are projected to create a vibrant, colorful atmosphere atmosphere where guests will almost be able to hear the heartbeat of the forest.

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Source: @_rnaa | Canon

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  1. This is so beautiful.. a wonderful evolution in digital projection. Love it.

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