So of course we all like to indulge in dinner parties this time of year. And whether they are formal or casual, for two people or twenty, it’s always nice to have some sort of edge that will have people talking. With that in mind I put together today’s post of a few small things that I have seen recently that may be perfect for your upcoming party!

107-lp-2-ginkgo.jpg 111-js-18-cafe.jpg Vintage-style aprons from Jessie Steele ($33)
budvase.jpg Winter Budvase from Heath Ceramics ($23)
hello-napkins.jpg Hello Napkins from NPW ($3.50/12 napkins)
bird-chees-markers.jpg Bird Cheese Markers from Beehive ($48)

and last but not least is “Gorgeous Helen” from the designers cooperative Dekoop in Hamburg. ($18)