Mountain Coffee Dripper

mountain coffee dripper

The new Blue Bottle in Tokyo officially opened their doors today. So it feels only right that we, too, unveil our new coffee product: the Mountain Coffee Dripper. It’s the perfect device for brewing a great cup of coffee for yourself, and maybe one other?

mountain coffee dripper

The simple kit is comprised of a matt-white ceramic dripper that rests inside a wooden donut-shaped holder. Place it on top of your favorite mug for the perfect cup of coffee. It was designed by Takayuki Nakabayashi, creator of the equally-adorable Coffee Measure House.

mountain coffee dripper

Peer into the barrel and you’ll discover its secret: 2 grooves and a series of holes. This design helps regulate the flow of water so it sits with the coffee beans for just the right amount of time, brewing coffee that’s strong and rich but not bitter.

mountain coffee dripper


  1. This looks very similar to the Donut Coffee Dripper ( Is the designer the same? Looks very nice.

  2. Ah–sorry. The funneling is different.

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