Coffee Cups by Eisuke Hori

Product designer Eisuke Hori’s latest design is a stacking coffee pot and cup (7,245 yen). The top cup turns upside down to form the pot. The middle cup is actually the dripper that rest perfectly above the pot – compatible with almost any store-bought filter. The bottom cup is the actual coffee cup. You simply pour hot water over the beans and voila – the most painless cup of coffee you will ever make at home.

In the words of the designer, the idea was born from a love for coffee combined with painstaking effort of having to make one. Minimalism at its best!



  1. This coffeepot is lovely !

  2. This coffeepot is lovely !

  3. Nice idea, but personally I like the painstaking effort of making a coffee with my macchinetta… the time it takes just makes it all the more special.

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