Exhibition view of “Wall Art Festival 2011.” photo: Kenji Mimura
Niranjana School, Sujata Village, Bihar, India

Thanks to Ms. Aratani, curator at ARATANIURANO, and the artist, I was able to get my hands on some more (larger) pictures of Yusuke Asai’s (previously) fantastic mud paintings. I encourage you to click on the images and view in full-size.

The top image was done earlier this year at the Wall Art Festival at Niranjana School in India, a school that was originally funded from donations by Japanese students. The school continues to operate on random overseas donations. So in order to raise awareness, and to inspire kids with some awe-inspiring wall art, the school, last year, launched an annual wall art festival inviting artists to come decorate their white walls. Asai took 7 kinds of soil and water from Sujata village and used them to make different hues which he applied to create the work.

Exhibition view of “Multiple Worlds” (2008). photo: Keizo Kioku

“Mud painting: large mountain” (2009). Mud and water collected in Gunma. Photo: Masaru Yanagiba

“The indoor forest / The ground story” (2010). Masking tape, pen. Photo: Ko Yamada