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Two days ago MUJI Labs announced that they had launched Enjoy! (     ) Energy. An apparent response to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, and the subsequent rethinking of our dependence on atomic energy, the project is a global initiative to get designers and consumers thinking creatively about things we can do to curb our energy consumption.

MUJI Labs asked designers all across the globe to fill in the blank for Enjoy! (     ) Energy. Here are some of the responses:

One of my favorite submissions was by graphic designer Makoto Umebara, who proposed we harness the energy of the 20,000  people who pass through Shibuya Station’s turnstile on a daily basis.

Industrial designer Konstantin Grcic simply proposed we should unplug our iPods and plug-in to the sounds of nature.

Architect Tim Power proposed a solar cloud that captures solar energy by day – doubling as a source of shade – and using that energy at night to light our streets.

Graphic designer (and creative director at MUJI) Kenya Hara proposed an ultra-lightweight fan powered by a solar panel on its base.

Architect Sou Fujimoto proposed we should begin building homes with trees growing out of them.

Last but not least, designer Nosigner proposed a simple label that adheres to electronics; a subtle reminder of how much energy we are about to use by flipping on that switch.

MUJI Labs, an offshoot of our favorite minimal lifestyle brand MUJI, was originally launched in 2009 with the objective of conducting studies and interacting with customers to try and improve their product offerings.


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