We’ve talked about Charan-Po-Rantan on this segment before but it’s been a while. And a lot has happened to this Klezmer-funk-meets-circus-chic duo since then. Most notably, the sisters wrote the opening track for the mega-hit drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, about a contract marriage. The track was slightly overshadowed by the even-more-popular ending song and dance, which has become somewhat of a phenomenon in Japan.

But nonetheless, the show has catapulted Charan-Po-Rantan from obscurity to prominence. And fresh off of their success, the duo today released a new track called Otakebi (“roar” in English). One thing that the duo and myself have in common is that we’ve both been fans of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra since our schooldays. And this new single, off of an entirely new album being released in January 2017, is a collaboration with the 9-piece band.

The enticing music video was captured in a single shot and it deftly combines the soulful vocals of Momo with her sister’s accordion and Skapara’s upbeat tempo. Check out the video above. At least this gives us something to look forward to in 2017.

And below is “Go ahead! Even you sometimes run away,” the track that was used in the hit drama series.

Like what you hear? You can find more of their music on YouTube. Charan Po Rantan is also on Twitter and Facebook. And be sure to check out our other Music Monday picks.