A relative newcomer to the Japanese music scene, Nulbarich appeared rather suddenly, and with a splash, in May of 2016 when they released their 1st single “Hometown.” The fluid 5-7 piece band, which revolves around singer and songwriter JQ, quickly followed up with their 1st album “Guess Who” 3 months later.

Released in May 2017, “It’s Who We Are” is the lead single off the group’s 1st EP

The band’s name Nulbarich is a combination of the words “null but rich” and embodies a mantra that favors spiritual enrichment over physical. And it’s part of the reason that the band members prefer to remain masked and relatively anonymous (although JQ has begun appearing in some of the music videos), placing an emphasis on their sound rather than their appearance.

JQ attributes his interest in music to early piano lessons and then to 90s hip hop but the group’s sound is grounded in soul and acid jazz-inspired funk that’s then mixed with Tokyo street culture. I hear influences from Jamiroquai but also Maroon5. Last year, just around the time Nulbarich debuted, who wrote about a band called Suchmos. If you liked them, we recommend you also give Nulbarich a listen.

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