Music Monday: Sundays & Cybele

Sundays & Cybele are a Tokyo-based psychedelic rock band that takes their name from Serge Bourguignon’s 1962 film. But in Greek mythology Cybele was also a mountain or earth goddess, and many of the band’s songs are inspired by ancient Japanese songs and prayers for healthy crops and fertility.

Active since 2004, the four-piece ensemble is led by multi-instrumentalist Kazuo Tsubouchi, who layers a unique combination classical psych with Japanese folk lyricism. The band was previously signed to Tokyo-based label Guruguru Brain, but recently made the jump stateside and signed with Brooklyn-based Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. For those living on the U.S. that hopefully means more local gigs.

On February 24, 2017 Sundays & Cybele are releasing Chaos & Systems, “a record that flowers with hazy melody one minute and scorches the sky in the next.” I think my favorite track is “the nearly ten-minute time-warp” that is “Butterfly’s Dream.” Have a listen as it’s embedded above, or check out the rest of the record on Bandcamp.

Sundays & Cybele is also on Twitter and Facebook. And be sure to check out our other Music Monday picks.

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  1. I can recommend the band from the same label kikagaku moyo. Also a psychedelic rock band from Tokyo!

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