Music Monday: The Sounds of Industrial Japan


Gears, springs, nuts and bolts: they’re the silent heroes of our gadgets and appliances, quietly playing a critical role in the shadows of technology. But there’s nothing silent about the way they’re made. In fact, a new project wants to give their beautiful sounds a voice!


Industrial JP is an homage to the many industrial factories throughout Japan who produce these metallic parts and components using a very analog process. A group of creatives set out to establish a new kind of record label – one that pairs music producing DJs with industrial factories.


By sampling the sounds and visuals obtained from each factory, the DJs then went about creating tracks and accompanying music videos for their urban industrial techno tunes. There are currently 6 tracks available, and each are available for purchase through the label’s website.

The project was spearheaded by a Toshihide Kimura and a team of creatives from a think tank associated with ad agency Dentsu. One of the team members was Rintaro Shimohara, who you might remember from his great Noramoji project to revive retro Japanese storefront fonts.


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  1. Nice, but needed the sounds of the Japanese adverting marching band.

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