Music Monday: N’Shukagawa Boys

He cast a spell, made a wonderful wish
I took a letter, and went looking for the end of a dream

So begins the lyrics of Planet Magic, a fantastically psychedelic journey and a track from the major debut album (of the same title) by N’Shukagawa Boys (N’夙川BOYS). The pronunciation of their name is fairly straightforward except for the “N” – the deeper and more nasal sound you produce, the better. The enigmatic trio hails from Hyogo prefecture, Japan and, contrary to what their name would have you believe, is comprised of 2 boys (Maya Love and Shinosuke Boys) and 1 girl (Linda Dada). With underage girl and boy idol groups dominating the charts in Japan (I have difficulty even calling them “music charts”), these Boys bring a refreshing sound to the stage of J-Pop. Speaking of stage, their performances are quite entertaining too, as the trio rotate instruments depending on the vibe of the show.

The strange power-pop trio formed in 2007, under the Tower of The Sun, as the story goes. Their sound (as well as their antics) is reminiscent of The Blue Hearts. But that’s understandable considering their producer is Masahide Sakuma, who worked with the mid-80s punk rock band. But N’Shukagawa Boys differentiate themselves by blending cuteness into their anarchic sound. Linda Dada, who also works a day-job as a model, proves to be as innocent-looking as she is unpredictable. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this band.

Below is another track for you to check out – Monogatari wa chito fuantei (This Story’s a Bit Unstable) from their 2010 album “Love Song.”

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  1. Loveeeeee… Such a great band!

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