Gamers listen up! Beginning May 1st and running through the end of the month, My Famicase Exhibition will return for it’s 3rd year. The exhibition, which was open to everyone from designers and illustrators to housewives and businessmen, invites you to relive your childhood by designing your very own Famicom game label.

Last year’s entries included some humorous titles (see below). And with some pretty well known illustrators joining the mix, such as Yukiko Yokoo – who created the characters for Mizuiro Blood and Taiko no Tatsujin – this year probably won’t dissapoint.

above: from 2009, a game title that reads “Oh, how nostalgic.”

Also participating are Adrien Dufond, flocke design, Tokyo Pistol and Nozomu Furuya. The show will once again be held at Meteor in my home town of Kichijoji! (Gmap)