TGS2014 Tokyo Game Show 2014 logo
The Tokyo Game Show is a mecca for anyone interested, even remotely, in games. People go for the all the latest in the gaming industry, but also to ogle at new technology, computers, girls (usually in cosplay) and many other reasons. But one of the biggest attractions are the creative and entertaining booths or kiosks that vendors set up. So if you’re heading to the 2014 Tokyo Game Show this weekend, here are the 3 you don’t want to miss. Not because they’re the best but simply because you won’t believe they exist unless you see them in person.

The booth where you sit with white guys

The booth where you can wait in line for hot guys to do kabe-don


(kabe-don (壁ドン) is a trope that appears throughout Japanese manga. It’s a technique that tough guys employ to show their love and involves them cornering their love interest by slamming a hand onto a wall. See below:)


The booth where you have to stick your head into a gigantic pair of breasts to play a video game

(this last one, in particular, falls into the category of “see it because it’s so embarrassing you won’t believe it”)