all photos by mareiii04

Nara is known for several things including their gorgeous temples and exquisite parks. But the historic Japanese city has another major tourist attraction: their devious deer. If you’re heading to Nara, be sure to try and board Kintetsu Railway’s new Deer Train!


From outside to inside, the new deer train is decked out with spotted seats, adorable deer illustrations and even deer straps for holding on too if the deer seating is all taken. The artwork was all custom-created by Gemi, a Tokyo-based illustrator who grew up nearby.

The deer train began operating late last year in December 2022 so it’s still relatively new. And they run alongside normal trains too so boarding one will take a bit of luck. But @mareiii04 was lucky enough to board one recently and snapped these photos.

The Deer Train is operated by Kintetsu Railways and runs between Nara and Sannomiya Stations. But as noted above, not all trains running to Nara are deer trains so if you board one, consider yourself lucky!

a rendering of the different types of train liveries. image courtesy Kintetsu Railways

this particular seat provides the perfect photo opp in that whomever sits here appears to be growing antlers