Perched on the top of a cliff in Japan’s resort town of Atami is the Risonare Hotel. It’s a luxurious location that is surrounded by both the bounty of the sea and the lushness of the forest. But how to better illustrate this gift of nature to visitors of the hotel? The answer was, through art.

The hotel owners decided to commission art director Daigo Daikoku and his team to create over 50 artworks that were aesthetically pleasing, fun to look at, but also interactive. They were intended to act as a window that would inspire visitors to go out and explore all the natural treasures that Atami had to offer.

If you ever visit the resort, make sure you stop by the Nature Window gallery. Of, simply use this images to go out, explore nature and create your own art.

At over 400, Atami is known for it’s abundance of varieties of shells

graphic representations of the colorful sea slugs