all photos by Torimura Koichi | click to enlarge

In the Eastern neighborhood of Yamate, Yokohama lies a town unlike any other in Japan. The streets are dotted with western-style houses from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, originally built for oyatoi gaikokujin – foreign advisors hired by local governments. Some of these grand homes have been converted into museums, some remain residences and, for the most part, the neighborhood has been left unchanged.

But in constructing a new home in the neighborhood, architect Takuya Tsuchida of no.555 (previously) made a point to not blend in. “I believe that building design should both respect and challenge the potential of an area and the direct environment,” he said. Dubbed “planter” for its use of balcony gardens that make the structure look like one large plant pot, NDA was completed in May of this year. The 3 story home stands tall with a regal self-assurance. Punctured holes dot the concrete walls and function as balconies up high and a garage down low.

Takuya Tsuchida has a knack for creating homes that not only look beautiful, but (and arguably more importantly) have the potential to transform lifestyles. His attention to detail embeds his homes with, for lack of a better word, devices. These devices force residents to interact with their home, creating an environment and a lifestyle that is unique to them alone.

source: submission