This Sculptural Neko Cat Tree is Beautiful, Costs 1 Million Yen

Do you have a million yen to blow on your cat? Well boy do we have the cat tree for you. Reconsidered and redesigned from the bottom up, the Neko Cat Tree looks like a modernist architectural sculpture that wouldn’t appear out of place in a museum or gallery.

The most common complaint among cat owners is that cat furniture, and indoor cat trees in particular, are ugly. Everything from the beige colors to the carpeting material and shape can irk design-conscious cat owners.

So Japanese cat product company RINN teamed up with designer Yoh Komiyama to come up with an alternative, albeit with a hefty price tag. The Neko Cat Tree, which was just released last week, is made from circular poles of wood sourced from Japan’s Hida region. The evenly spaced poles that encapsulate the tree allow light, as well as glimpses of the cat, to pass through.

A marble base (sourced from Greece) weighs the tree down so it will never topple over. Fabrics from Denmark and hemp rope from Japan finish of the sculpture which, at this point, is nicer (and more international) than any human furniture we own.

RINN has created other cat products too. The sell a cat water bowl (2,300 yen, or $20 ) had made by potters, and a sleek automatic pet feeder (35,000 yen, or $310). But nothing comes close to the exorbitant Neko Cat Tree (1 million yen, or $8,800).

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  1. Corsica holidays

    December 28, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    It is an amazing and very nice tree for cats! however quite expensive!!!

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