Nendo’s New ‘Skeleton’ Cutlery Hooks On To Things

What happens when you reduce an object to its bare-bone minimum? That was essentially the idea behind a new line of cutlery created by Japanese design office Nendo.

Skeleton” is a line of cutlery that includes four items: a spoon, fork, knife and teaspoon. Each has been reduced to the absolute minimum, “limiting the amount of material used whilst still retaining its functionality,” explains Nendo. The result is an outline almost reminiscent of a skeleton from an x-ray image but, ironically, with renewed functionality. The resulting form actually allows the cutlery to be hooked onto various things like the rim of a cup, or a small display wall hook. The set, which was created for Belgian brand Valerie Objects, actually comes with a dedicated stand and wall hook display, all of which will be available through the brand’s online shop.

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  1. In some cultures, resting your eating utensils across your cup or bowl is a sign of an unrefined upbringing. In others is brings on bad luck.

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