Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Design has created a series of new designs that will be exhibited at Design Tide Tokyo (10/29-11/3).

reconstruction lamp
the “reconstruction lamp” is a lamp remade from an industrial clip lamp. The lamp has a stand that can be either used for self support (stand lamp) or locking (clip lamp). The original industrial clip lamp was dismantled, pressed in a mold then gilded for finishing.

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1000 combination locks
A wire ball puzzle game which uses 1000, 3-dial key combination locks. It was created in response to a request from Gail Bichler, an art director for the New York Times, to create an art product using keys.

cube letter set
Perhaps my favorite is the cube letter set. Much in the same spirit is the Gifu Lantern Project, the cube letter set is a creative way of keeping the letter-sending tradition alive. Made from traditional washi paper, the sender can write (or draw) on all 4 sides of the cube and tuck it away in an envelope to send off. The receiver is then prompted to inflate the cubic balloon, thus revealing the note.