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Currently on display at Gallery Momo  In Tokyo (through August 4) is “Phase III – Structure and Form,” a collection of new paper-based work by Katsumi Hayakawa (previously). Continuing on with his investigation into utopian (or dystopian) urban density, Hayakawa steps away from the horizontal structure that had confined his points, lines and surfaces. Turning his sculptures vertically, and mounting them to the wall, he creates a more autonomous visual language.

Working with extremely heavy construction paper, Hayakawa carefully carves out spaces, transforming it into a fragile, lightweight structure of rhythmical lattice work.

Speaking about his latest sculptures, Hayakawa says that his work is steeped in admiration and reverence for technology. And yet – all the while – it encompasses an ambivalence that stems from skepticism towards cutting-edge technology, which, to the artist, seems to be approaching the point of no return. There is a sense of crisis in how we appear to be losing control of the very technologies we helped advance.