Nina Beier and Marie Lund
“The House and the Backdoor” (2007)

I was immediately drawn to this fascinating piece by Nina Beier and Marie Lund. Currently based out of London, the 2 are having their first solo show in Japan over at Wako Arts. (Through July 19th)

This instruction-based piece is a collection of books that overlapped between Nina’s mother and father when the two got married and their collections merged. The owner of the piece is instructed to return the books to Nina’s mother “ should she ever again have to make a home of her own.” I found this very odd at first. It was as if the artist was reserving the possibility of her parents getting a divorce. But then I realized that death, of the husband before the wife, could also be the cause if this condition.

I haven’t come across instruction-based art in quite some time. Probably since art history class learning about the conceptual art of Yohko Ono and Sol LeWitt.