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Hakata is quickly transforming into a trendy, hipster hangout. After getting a gorgeous artisanal tea shop,  the Japanese Southern city, known for it’s heavy, pork-based ramen, just got a craft beer watering hole too. Under the leadership of craft beer heavyweight Teruya Hori, Goodbeer Faucets opened their first location in Shibuya 2 years ago. And now with a craft beer boom in full swing in Japan they’ve opened a beach house-themed location along the Naka River in Hakata.




The interior was designed by Yoshihiro Saitoh of A-Study, who integrated ropes and a wooden pagoda into the design. It creates a nice atmosphere that makes you fully aware of the ocean’s presence. The Hakata location has over 40 craft beers on draught; mostly Japanese and American microbrews. And with more emphasis on food pairing than it’s older sister in Tokyo, the watering hole is making itself out to be a lot more than just a watering hole.





Several years ago it would have been close to impossible to walk into a bar and order anything other than Sapporo, Kirin or Yebisu. But thanks to the revision of a legal code that allowed smaller players to enter the market, microbreweries were suddenly cool.


source: A-Study


  1. I’ll look forward to visiting this new place in Hakata – family draws me to Fukuoka several times a year. Thanks for this post.

  2. This place is really catching on quickly in Tokyo. This week alone its come up 4 times in completely unrelated environments.

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