The New York Botanical Gardens recently opened an online shop with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly and organic products that range from body lotion to children’s toys and even home decor.

I found some particularly intriguing garden furniture that is accompanied by good and bad aspects. The good: beautiful organic designs that will sooth your spirit and mind. The bad: astronomically ridiculous prices that will shatter your wallet and financial future. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but I really don’t see any reason why style has to come with such a price tag.

Water Hyacinth Loveseat ($3,800)
This 2-people loveseat is handcrafted out of water hyacinths, an invasive free floating aquatic plant.
Spoon Liana Vine Chaise ($2,200)
Another eco-friendly chair made from an invasive plant, the liana vine. I love how the randomness of the vines created this curvy shape!

Agua Lounge Chair and Ottoman ($2,200)
Imported from Brazil this chair deviates from the above two as it is crafted out of aluminum and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) straps.

All these products can be found HERE!