“crust of polygon” by Norihiko Terayama

Driftwood, stems and branches. They’re all around us but so easily overlooked. But designer Norihiko Terayama’s latest series of sculptures offers different way of seeing these ordinary objects of nature.

Titled “crust of the polygon,” the artist, designer and architect has merged all his specialties into crafting a series of delicate sculptures. One by one he plants pins into his objects – a piece of driftwood or a flowering branch – and then connects the tip with twine to create, what he calls, additional “exterior crust” of polygons.

Sometimes the pins balance the objects on a surface while others are suspended by a separate piece of twine. But either way the minimal and delicate sculptures work to levitate the natural object creating a poetic reframing of the ordinary.

Tarayama is the creator of other poetic and mesmerizing objects like the flower ruler (currently out of stock) and the awaglass.